Going Public (or Exchange Listings) & Capital Raising

Allstar Advisory acts as a corporate advisor, help client to form a strategy to go public and raise capital. We work on the corporate side, coordinate all third-party services in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) and capital raising process. In addition, our firm’s professionals will do industry analysis, peer company comparisons, and estimate company valuations by exchange and other examinations in order to recommend which exchange would be best for each particular client.

Allstar Advisory works to help assemble a team of proven service providers (including accountant, auditor, security attorney, investment bank, investor relation firm etc.). During the team completion process, Allstar Advisory recommends to its clients a complete team of experienced and quality service providers. The goal is to ensure the client to get track proven, competitive and best services.

Private Equity Financings

Allstar Advisory’s principals have developed an extensive network of venture capital, private equity firms. We help fund managers to find and invest in innovative and fair valued companies.

With respect to clients seeking investment, we help company to complete the financing plan and identifies strategic and to approach venture capital and private equity funds. In addition to introduction companies to these funds, Allstar Advisory also helps founders and senior executives prepare all necessary documentation, business plans, financial audits, entity restructuring and management team enhancements. The gaol is to help clients fully prepared for due diligence, satisfy to investor’s requirement and successfully receive investment from institutional investors.

Cross-Border Merger & Acquisitions (M&A)

In cross-border M&A, Allstar Advisory identifies and recommends acquisition targets and partners, coordinates the M&A process, mediates negotiations and helps with transaction closing activities to assure mutual success. Allstar Advisory assists clients with business expansions and foreign market expansions with a keen focus on creative deals structures that satisfy shareholder expectations and return of investment. When needed Allstar Advisory can help bring in outside financing to support the transaction.

Allstar Advisory works to help its clients maintaining management resources, strengthening management team and introducing industry professionals with global experience. These professionals can become the board directors or advisory board members.

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